Rising Stars Holiday Club



Rising Stars Holiday Club will deliver Esater 2022 and Summer 2022 school holiday programme during the Year 2022  for children aged 6-10 years (Free School Meal) in partnership with Active Luton, Energise Luton Holidays Programme..
A structured detailed programme will be designed with support from children which will include a range of activities, workshops, trips to varuious places,  multi sports, after-school club activities, drugs workshops, healthy eating and cooking activities, arts and crafts, baking cakes, painting and drawing, glass painting, calligraphy, face painting,  table tennis, draughts,, 5 a side football, badminton, cricket, rounders, pizza making, cooking, role plays, making play dough, treasure hunt, decorate a cake and build a tent.
The Rising Stars Holiday Club will offer the children (6-10 years) with new positive activities   in a safe environment to develop their independence, confidence, self-esteem, social skills and communications skills, emotional wellbeing, aspirations and develop a more positive outlook to life through engagement in education as well as making positive life choices.



Easter Half-Term (4 Days)
Monday – Thursday
To be followed
Summer Holidays (16 Days)
Monday – Friday
To be followed

For more information please contact:
Yasmin Akhtar
Children Club Coordinator
Tel: 01582 519500
Direct: 01582 519503
Email: yasmin.akhtar@cycd.org.uk