Little Stars Pre – School

  • About Pre – School

    We provide childcare for children from age of 1-4 years old; we are able to provide funded places for 2 year olds as long as families meet the required criteria. We also offer 3 year funded places. There are now spaces for up to 100 children.

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  • What We Do

    During their time in pre-school children learn important social skills like taking turns and sharing. They begin to learn how to count and how to begin to form letters and their ability to understand and speak English is developed. What the children think they are doing…

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  • Eligibility

    If the child is eligible, the parent can start claiming free early education after the child turns two. The date will depend on when the child’s birthday is. Child’s birthday When the parent can claim. Your child can get a free place from the term after their third birthday.

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