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First Steps to Learning (Step 2) is an informal learning project to develop the self-confidence and English abilities of women who are not ready for the cultural change of attending UK formal Adult Education. It emphasises the gifts they already have for the host culture and offers opportunities to develop communication and self- awareness skills so that these gifts can be made available to the wider community.

Aim of the Project:

  • To provide learning sessions to women (19+) in a safe, known environment, so that they are able to develop their English abilities, their learning processes, and their knowledge of self to enable them to function more fully in their host environment
  • Total 45 hours guided learning hours for for Step-2.
  • Problem solving and learning techniques
  • Organised visits, presentations, planned interaction with native English speakers, and
    active citizenship projects will be included at Step 2


  • Enable participants to understand and apply the learning processes (meta-learning)
  • Introduce/re-enforce decision making strategies for daily living
  • Increase English literacy skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening)
  • Encourage active citizenship and the role each of them can play in their community

For more information please contact:

Sheikh Moheeuddin Tipu
Judith Robinson
Tel: 01582 519500