Cresecent Summer School

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The ‘Crescent Summer School Project’ was put together by a group of people in 1990 who had a nuclear vision. What is a nuclear vision?

It is a force that allows ordinary people to accomplish the impossible. The people who have a nuclear vision make the people around them radioactive.

When undertaking any endeavour, vision is the ability to see the end before the beginning. CSSP has that ability to communicate that vision of empowering, inspiring young people.

Our objective is to get young people off the street and into the 4-week activity programme. It is a place where young people have new experiences and come across new ideas. It is a place where we try to forge relationships with young people, to inspire them and realise there potential. The summer school is a balance between recreational activities and education.

Education is delivered in an unconventional form using expressive arts such as drama, painting, poetry and photography we try to deliver key messages about issues concerning misuse of drugs, crime and violence.

CSSP also provided accredited courses for the young people. Accredited courses included food and hygiene, lifesavers, first aid and FA football coaching.

This project runs 4 weeks in every Summer holidays.

For more information please contact:

Shadab Hussain
Tel: 01582 519500
Direct: 01582 813751
Mobile: 07948 182 696