Luton Asian Carers Service

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Luton Asian Carers Support Services are providing services for Asian Carers which have come together to form a partnership with CYCD.

This partnership aims to provide more and better support for the carers in Luton.

  • Our volunteers and staff will continue to identify new ‘hidden’ carers
  • Culturally appropriate individualised support for carers to promote their Health and
  • Wellbeing (continue to run exercise sessions and health checks)
  • Provide help and support for carers and their families, making home visits when necessary
  • Provide accessible information (in different community languages, verbally face to face or on the phone) and through CYCD website. Provide advocacy and signpost carers to our own health and wellbeing services as well as other relevant services.
  • Working with partners and other agencies to provide the best services available for carers to improve their quality of life
  • Facilitate carers to develop their own support network through regular support sessions (making new friends, learning new skills)
  • Provide opportunity for carers to access recreational and leisure activities to promote their social inclusion and reduce isolation.

Teams of volunteers and staff are based at each of these groups. Please see the contact details below:

  • Bandhob Carers Support Group, CYCD (Bangladeshi community), Mr Fazilat Ali Khan on 01582 519500
  • Guru Nanak Carers Support Group (Sikh community), Mrs Shindar Mudhar on 01582 478426/721072
  • Guru Ravidass Carers Support Group (Sikh community), Mr Kishore Kaler on 01582 450053
  • Khidmat Carers Support Group (Pakistani/Kashmiri communities), Mr A H Dawood on 01582 435242
  • Ujala Carers Support Group (Hindu community), Mr V Pattni on 01582 562139