Bangladesh High Commission- Consular Service

Consular serviceA Consular Surgery for the Bangladeshi Community started at CYCD, the Centre of the Bangladesh Youth League (BYL) on Saturday 10th June 2006.

The Consular Surgery was inaugurated by His Excellency Sabihuddin Ahmed, High Commissioner for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to the United Kingdom. The event was attended by Lord Bill McKenzie of Luton, Margaret Moran MP, Deputy Mayor of Luton Cllr Michael Dolling, and other local dignitaries.

The Bangladeshi Community from all three Home Counties will benefit from this service.

The Consular Service runs from CYCD on the first Saturday of each month. The CYCD Centre is open from 9.00am on the first Saturday of each month to issue the Serial Number/Ticket. The tickets are issued until 1.00pm. The cost of ticket per person/per case is £3.

All applicants will be seen by the Consular Service Officer who will collect the valid ticket/serial number by 1.00pm.

The services include:

  • No Visa Required (NVR) – Hand written NVR application form will not be accepted. Incomplete application form or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers may be rejected without citing any reason thereof.
  • MRP Bangladeshi Passport Re-issue/Information Alteration/Correction
  • Power of Attorney
  • Sponsorship Declaration
  • All other relevant matters.

You MUST show all relevant/supporting documents in original and also MUST enclose the photocopies of all supporting documents with your No-Visa  application.

For completing NVR application online and more information  please visit Bangladesh High Commission website:

For information regarding MRP passport please visit Bangladesh High Commission website:

Consular Service – Dates for 2019:

  • Saturday 5th January 2019 (Closed)
  • Saturday 2nd February 2019
  • Saturday 2nd March 2019
  • Saturday 9th April 2019
  • Saturday 4th May 2019 (Closed)
  • Saturday 1st June 2019 (Closed due to the Month of Ramadan)
  • Saturday 6th July 2019 (Closed)
  • Saturday 3rd August 2019 (Closed)
  • Saturday 7th September 2019 (Closed)
  • Saturday 5th October 2019
  • Saturday 2nd November 2019
  • Saturday 7th December 2019

For more details please contact:

Fazilat Ali Khan, Tel: 01582 519500, Direct: 01582 813752, Email:  or