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ICT for All is a “Digital Inclusion” project aimed at adults living in three target wards of Dallow, Saints and Biscot. The project is currently funded by the Luton Adult Education.

Aim of the Project:

The aims of the project will be to help participants:

  • Increase their knowledge about a wide range of ICT platforms and how they work;
  • Improve their skills and self-confidence to help them use different ICT platforms (PC, laptop, tablet, iPhone, use of digital camera etc);
  • Understand the concept of “Safe Surfing” and how they can practice this;
  • Understand how they can access information about public services online;
  • Provide information about other ICT training opportunities, including courses that
  • help participants build on their newly acquired skills for progression purposes.

The project will be delivered through a series of workshops within the CYCD computer suite and classroom facilities enabling a series of taught and informal learning sessions. We will also facilitate an element of peer support throughout the project so that learners become comfortable sharing their personal experiences with others and can offer ongoing support within the group after the formal learning has ended.

The learning will not be accredited, but we will present a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

For more information please contact:

Sheikh Moheeuddin Tipu


Fatima Begum
Tel: 01582 519500
Email: s.moheeuddin@cycd.org.uk